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Advisory Board:

Dan Gale, VP and CTO, CMC Microsystems, 

Hussain, President and CEO of Caudex Inc.,


Andre Ivanov, ECE Chair, UBC, 


Program Committee:

Andre Ivanov, General Chair, UBC, 

Kris Iniewski, Technical Chair Redlen Technologies, 

Dan Gale, Government Liason, CMC Microsystems, 

Stephen Bates, Industry Liaison, Raithlin, 

Reza Mahmoudi, European Liaison, TU Eindhoven,  >

Kazuya Masu, Asian Liaison, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 

Tracey Mozel, Technical Program Coordinator,


Technical Committee:




Brad Booth, AMCC,

Ken Cadien, U of Alberta,

Theresa Carbonneau,




Peng Cong, Medtronix,


Bonnie Gray, SFU,

Jurgen Hissen, PMC-Sierra,


Andre Ivanov, UBC, 



Kazuya Masu, Tokyo Institute of Technology,



Chong Ong, Intel,


Sam Palermo, Texas A&M  

John Plasterer, PMC-Sierra,

Anand Rao, Intel,








Robert Wodnicki, GE Research,

Orly Yadid–Pecht, U of Calgary, 

2010 Summer CMOSET Workshop

2010 CMOS Emerging Technologies Workshop

May 19th-21st, 2010, Hilton Resort and Spa

Whistler, BC, Canada

CMOS Emerging Technologies Workshop is a research and business event for those who want to discuss and find out about new exciting high tech opportunities. It is a place where electronics meet physics, biology and chemistry. The format of the talks resembles in-depth tutorials describing state-of-the-art technology and future research directions, rather than presenting specific research results or commercial products.

The 7th annual workshop will be held at Whistler, a site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, with numerous opportunities for personal exploration of surrounding tourist attractions. All speakers are invited by a program committee and the number of attendees is limited.



No formal proceedings will be printed, but attendees will receive PDF copies of all presentation material. Selected and expanded workshop papers are edited as books; please see our Keynotes and Books page for a list of books available for purchase.

To get a feel for the retreat, have a look at the previous events held in Banff, Whistler and Vancouver. You can also download copies of most of the presentations from previous conferences on our Past Presentations page.

Workshop Program and Presentations

Book Displays
John Wiley & Sons/IEEE Press (Taisuke Soda,
         Titles on Display

Springer US (Charles Glaser,
        Titles on Display

CRC Press (Nora Konopka,  
        Titles on Display

To download presentations, please click on the presentation title below.

Day 1: May 19, 2010

Plenary 1 – Chairs Andre Ivanov, UBC, and  

  • Dan Gale, , CMC Microsystems, Welcome Address
  • Jan Rabaey, , Berkeley, Exploring the boundaries of ultra low power design
  • Takayasu Sakurai,, U Tokyo, Emerging Circuits for Ambient Electronics
  • Omkaram (Om) Nalamasu,, Applied Materials, Enabling a path to 10nm: Innovations in Process Technology
Session 1A: Bioelectronics – Chair
Session 1B: Emerging Technologies – Chairs and Kazuya Masu, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Session 1C: Interconnects – Chair Claudio Rey,, Fujitsu
Session 1D: Test and Design – Chair Mani Soma, , U of Washington
Session 1E: Nano and Micro Technologies – Chair Thomas Johnson,, UBC

Session 2A: Bioelectronics – Chair Bernard Courtois, CMP,
Session 2B: Nanotechnology – Chair
Session 2C: Semiconductor Devices – Chair
Session 2D: Circuits – Chair Shahria Alam,, UBC
Session 2E: Wireless – Thomas Johnson,, UBC
7:00-9:00 CMC Microsystems and UBC Reception

Day 2: May 20, 2010

Plenary II – Chairs Andre Ivanov, UBC, and

  • Ali Hajimiri,, Caltech, The future of high-frequency integrated circuit design
  • Giovanni De Micheli, , EPFL, Nano-architectures for tera-scale systems
  • Thomas Webster,, Brown U, Nanovis, NanoRose, In situ nanotechnology-derived sensors for ensuring implant success
Session 3A: NanoBiotechnology – Chair Robert Sobot, , UWO
Session 3B: Wireless – Chair Thomas Johnson, UBC,
Session 3C: Technology – Chairs Shahria Alam, UBC, and Mani Soma, , U of Washington

Session 3D: Memories – Chairs Chong Ong,, Intel and Mohammed Ismail,, Ohio State U

Session 3E: Circuits – Chairs Olivier Trescases, , U of Toronto and Kazuya Masu, Tokyo Institute of Technology,

Session 4A: NanoElectronics – Chairs and Kenneth Chau, UBC,
Session 4B: Wireless – Chair Terry Lee,

Session 4C: Microelectronics – Chair James Dietrich, CMC,

Session 4D: Detectors – Chair

Session 4E: Circuits – Chairs Kazuya Masu, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Olivier Trescases, , U of Toronto

Day 3: May 21, 2010

Session 5A: Photonics – Chairs
Session 5B: Radiation – Chairs Orly Yadid Pecht,
Session 5C: Microsystems and Sensors – Chairs John Bumgarner, SRI,   and Nikolai Dechev, UViC
Session 5D: Networks – Chair Vikram Devdas, HP,
Session 5E1: Research Commercialization – Chair Shahid Hussain,
Session 5E2: Emerging Technologies for Health – Chair Shuo Tang,, UBC

Session 6A: NanoMedicine and Medical Imaging – Chairs Purang Abolmaesumi,, UBC and Shuo Tang,, UBC
Session 6B: Radiation – Chairs Peyman Servati, UBC, and and Cengiz Ozkan, UCR,
Session 6C: Microsystems and Sensors – Chairs Jeremy Witzens,, UWashington and John Bumgarner, SRI,
Session 6D: Computing – Chair Vikram Devdas, HP,
Session 6E: Green Energy – Chair Malcolm Metcalfe,, Sempa Power