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cmoset.comET Conference

2012 cmoset.comET Conference

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Vancouver, BC, Canada

The cmoset.comes conference is a research and business event for those who want to discuss and find out about new exciting high tech opportunities. The format of the talks resembles in-depth tutorials describing state-of-the-art technology and future research directions rather than presenting specific research results or commercial products. The 8th annual meeting will be held downtown Vancouver with numerous opportunities for personal exploration of surrounding tourist attractions.

No formal proceedings will be printed, but PDF copies of all presentation material will be made available to attendees. Selected and expanded conference talks are edited as books with the following titles already published:

  • Wireless Technologies: Circuits, Systems, and Devices, CRC Press, 2007
  • Circuits at the NanoScale: Communications, Imaging, and Sensing, CRC Press 2008
  • Network Infrastructure and Architecture, Wiley 2008
  • VLSI Circuits for Bio-Medical Applications, Artech House 2008
  • Medical Imaging: Principles, Detectors, and Electronics, Wiley, 2009
  • Internet Networks: Wired, Wireless, and Optical Technologies, CRC Press, 2009
  • Convergence of Mobile and Stationary Next Generation Networks, Wiley 2010
  • Semiconductor Radiation Detector Systems, CRC Press, 2010
  • Electronics for Radiation Detection, CRC Press, 2010
  • Nanoelectronics: Nanowires, Molecular Electronics and Nanodevices, McGraw Hill, 2010
  • Radiation Effects in Semiconductors, CRC Press, 2010
  • cmoset.comProcessors and Memories, Springer, 2010
  • cmoset.comBio-Microsystems: Where Electronics Meets Biology, Wiley 2011

See our Books page for a complete list of books available for purchase.

Important Dates

Talk Titles Due
Deadline for Abstract Submission

Technical Program Set

Registration Deadline. Registration fee will increase by $100 after this date.

Please note: Registration is mandatory for all speakers. Register Now.

PDF of Slides Due

cmoset.comET Meeting

Abstract and Slide Submission:
Abstracts: 100 words or less, in plain-text format.

Presentation Slides: PDF format is preferred. After the conference, presentation slides will be posted to this website for access by conference attendees, unless you indicate to us that you do not want them made public. 
Please submit abstracts and PDFs of slides to
this dropbox.

Conference Program (Preliminary)
Note: All talks are 20 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for questions.

Special Session on Embedded Systems
(Organized by CMC Microsystems)

  • Ian McWalter, President & CEO, CMC Microsystems (): emSYSCAN R&D Infrastructure for Microsystems Development
  • Markus Mann, CEO, Deutscher Technologiedienst GmbH (): Roadblocks on the Way to Technology Transfer
  • Gene Frantz, Principal Fellow, Texas Instruments (): DSP Architectures
  • Radu Marculescu, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University (): Design of Thousand Core Systems

Embedded Systems
Chair: Lesley Shannon, SFU ()
  • Markus Levy, EMBC, (): Embedded processor benchmarking strategy: From the microcontroller to the system
  • Leonardo Barboni, UNIGE (): Microsystems and embedded software solutions for information processing in cooperating wireless sensor networks: emerging challenges
  • Emil Jovanov, U of Alabama (): Hardware development for wearable technology
  • Robert Shuler, NASA (): Constructing pipeline computations in FPGAs
  • Supreet Oberoi, Real Time Innovations Inc. ()
  • Ikhwana Elfitri, U of Surrey (): Multichannel Audio Coding Based on Analysis by Synthesis
  • Frederik Zilly, Fraunhofer Institute (): 3D Stereo Acquisition

Special Session on Microsystems and Nanotechnology
(Organized by ECE UBC, tour of laboratory facilities)

  • Andre Ivanov, Chair, ECE UBC (): Microsystems and Nanotechnology for Sustainability
  • Lukas Chrostowski (): Photonics Laboratory Tour
  • Purang Abolmaesumi (): Robotics and Control Laboratory Tour
  • Konrad Walus, (): Nano-electronics Laboratory Tour
  • Alireza Nojeh, (): Nanotechnology Laboratory Tour
Plenary Talks
  • Jan Rabaey, University of California at Berkeley (): The Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud - the New Face of Wireless
  • Pierre Khuri-Yakub, Stanford University (): Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers as a Platform Technology
  • Nitish Thakor, Johns Hopkins University (): From Chip to Applications or How to Enable Scientific Discovery or Practical Solutions
  • Markus J Buehler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (): Tu(r)ning weakness to strength
  • Joshua Smith, Washington University ( ): Wirelessly powered sensing platforms
  • Derek Abbott, University of Adelaide (): How do we solve the world's energy supply problem? Finding scalable solutions
Technical Program (Preliminary) (PDF)